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For most of us, we wash our body at least twice a day but how many of us have actually put much thought into the product we choose to lather up? Your body wash choice is more important than any other product you use. The most important thing is to think beyond the splashy claims in advertisements and on product packaging and focus on what the ingredients listed on the back mean.

We pen down factors you need to consider while choosing a body wash

1. It should be non-drying - Most of the body washes strip off odour, sweat etc. but in the process of doing so they also strip off the natural oils of the skin. It is very important to choose a body wash that leaves your skin hydrated and helps in creating oils naturally.
2. It should be naturally scented - The fruity fragrance in various body washes is what draws your attention but its pivotal that you pick the scent of natural fruit extracts over unnatural fragrances.
3. It should contain natural oils - It’s imperative for your skin to remain balanced. Choosing a body wash that maintains natural oils will breakdown bacteria and other unwanted substances while retaining moisture in the skin.
4. It should act as a safe surfactant - Everybody wash will contain a hydrophilic (water-soluble) part as well as a lipophilic (fat-soluble) part, which is essential to rid the body of grime. Combined, these two parts are called a surfactant and are responsible for ‘cleaning’ you.

Sulfate-free body washes are the best for your skin and here’s why

1. Good for sensitive skin types- A sulfate-free body wash can be used for all skin types, especially sensitive ones because of its gentle formula.
2. Reduces irritation- Sulfates cause skin irritation and that is why choosing a body wash that is sulfate-free is the best.
3. Helps retain natural oils- You want a body wash that cleanses your skin and does not leave it completely dry. A Sulfate-free formula will remove excess oil and dirt without hampering the natural oil.
4. Supports the skin barrier- A sulfate-free body wash helps restore natural PH balance for your skin which is important as a function for protecting the skin barrier.

At Secret Skin, we ensure that your body wash consists of sulfate-free, natural components so that it leaves your skin protected and fresh.