Imperial Glow: Facial PolishImperial Glow: Facial Polish


Imperial Glow: Facial Polish

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RANAVAT, was inspired by the traditional Ayurvedic skincare treatments passed down to Michele Ranavat (founder of Ranavat) and over the years she saw first-hand the potency and efficacy of traditional Indian botanicals. Her background in engineering inspired her to modernize these treatments and craft an Ayurvedic skincare line that was based on the principle of “ingredients first” – extracted purely to keep all vitamins, minerals, and skin-enhancing properties as close to nature as possible. RANAVAT beautifully blends traditional ingredients into formulas that inspire moments of regal ritual and self-care.

Ranavat’s Botanics is a modern interpretation of Ayurveda. The goal was to create an elevated look and feel to the products and also the experience. To transport people to a time where Kings and Queens ruled and self-care was paramount. Aside from the beautiful packaging, Ranavat holds ingredient quality to a very high standard. Each product is certified by either USDA or Made Safe to ensure it is non-toxic and organic.

This blend of ancient tradition and modern trends are at the heart of Ranavat's unique positioning. She learned first-hand that working with only the essentials yields noticeable results. Her distinct aesthetic and thoroughly researched formulations give way to each strategically-picked botanical.

When it comes to creating her blends, she prefers taking the long road. Each ingredient is methodically extracted, preserved for its healing properties, and secured for your skin’s benefit. Essentially, it’s the melding of modern chemistry and romance.

Much like eating well and exercising to maintain your health, beautiful skin comes from consistency. The same goes for self-care, which shouldn’t be an afterthought.

Ranavat believes the connection between person and product isn’t a once-in-a-while ritual. Consider it habitual. The elevated level of self-care in India and their devotion to ritualistic daily practices sparked the idea for Ranavat, a botanical skincare collection that drives connection. Kings and queens of Rajasthan wanted to live forever and they used ancient elixirs and potions to help them get there. Ranavats products are cruelty-free, vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, and synthetic fragrance-free.