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Skin Karma

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Radiance Exfoliant & MaskRadiance Exfoliant & Mask


Radiance Exfoliant & Mask

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Hydra Restore Cream Cleanser Olive Leaf and Plantago ExtractHydra Restore Cream Cleanser Olive Leaf and Plantago Extract

Grown Alchemist

Hydra Restore Cream Cleanser Olive Leaf and Plantago Extract

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Polishing Facial Exfoliant Pink Grapefruit and Glucomannan ExtractPolishing Facial Exfoliant Pink Grapefruit and Glucomannan Extract

Grown Alchemist

Polishing Facial Exfoliant Pink Grapefruit and Glucomannan Extract

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Essential GlowEssential Glow

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Essential Glow

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Digital Detox Face MistDigital Detox Face Mist
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Digital Detox Face Mist

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City Screen Face SerumCity Screen Face Serum


City Screen Face Serum

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10% Sulfur Paste10% Sulfur Paste

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10% Sulfur Paste

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Acne-prone Skin Care Products Online

Embrace and relieve skin of congestion and stress.

Acne-prone skin is often oily and can affect anyone at any stage of their life.

Why are you prone to Acne?
There can be many reasons why your acne comes back no matter what you do. Sometimes, it is caused by a genetic tendency to form both blocked pores and greasy skin. The blockage prevents sebum (naturally produced oils) from leaving the pores and this feeds and multiplies bacteria trapped in the follicle. Your body reacts by sending white blood cells to fight the bacteria and this causes inflammation.

At Secret Skin, we carefully tread into various ways of how to improve the look of your skin and boost your confidence in the process.

1. Lightly exfoliate regularly
Regular exfoliation will help to unblock pores and prevent new spots from occurring. We recommend using a light and natural product like Mauli’s Radiance Exfoliant & Mask from Secret Skin. The therapeutic turmeric root, soothing Kashmiri Saffron and antiseptic, anti-inflammatory Mysore sandalwood marry to form powerful alchemy that helps draw out impurities without stripping the skin's natural oils. This mild exfoliate is the best bet which will help improve your skin.

2. Exercise
Don’t give up on exercise. Many acne sufferers stop exercising because sweating seems to make it worse. Exercise will keep you healthy and can help unblock your pores by making you sweat. Just make sure you wash straight after exercise, preferably before the sweat has had time to dry. We recommend using Ranavat’s Cream Cleanser that helps remove makeup, dirt and oil, and leaves skin hydrated and balanced.

3. Recommended food and plenty of water
Almonds, blueberries, avocados and kidney beans are among a range of foods that may help to reduce and prevent inflammation. This may make your skin less likely to develop painful and inflamed spots that can make life miserable. Besides, it is imperative to have a good intake of water regularly.

4. Go make-up free, or use natural mineral-based makeup
If possible, wear no make-up as make-up may block your pores further. But if you feel the need to cover up marks and scars, use mineral-based foundation and concealer which doesn’t contain additional oils. The natural substance won’t aggravate your skin or cause additional inflammation and is less likely to clog your pores.

5. Wash make-up off before bedtime
Just because you are asleep at night, doesn’t mean that's all the rest your skin needs. Washing make-up off with water and ph neutral soap before bedtime will unblock your pores allowing your skin to breathe and reducing the likelihood of skin eruptions.

6. Don’t touch!
As tempting as it can be to poke and prod at spots, don’t. Touching your spots not only introduces new bacteria to the area, but it can also break the seal of the pore, causing bacteria and infection to increase. If you are looking for products that are kind to your skin, log onto Secret Skin and our product range will help you choose the best pick for your skin type. Our highly recommended natural product range especially keeping acne-prone skin in mind, will be an absolute treat to your skincare routine.

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