Morning Wood Beard BalmMorning Wood Beard Balm

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Morning Wood Beard Balm

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Mangrove Citrus Beard Balm

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Man Mint Beard Balm

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The Art of Shaving

Unscented After Shave Balm

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Beard Waxes and Balms Online for Men

Most of your morning runs on autopilot – brush, spit and rinse. Everything works fine and you know exactly how long it takes to get ready each morning.

Then one day you start growing a beard and your entire choreographed routine goes haywire. How do you get the most from your beard without spending extra time stressing over it? Is it beard oil first and then balm? And when do you comb anyway?

After showering take your favourite beard oil or beard balm and thoroughly massage it into your beard. Unlike thick moisturizing cream, oil is light enough to go through the hair and coat your skin, leaving it hydrated and protected. These products lock moisture into your hair and hydrate your skin as well.

The ‘How- To’ for every product you apply is imperative to know. We take you through a brief guide that will help reform the ways of caressing your beard

For anything but the longest beard, 8-10 drops will do. For pump bottles, this is about one pump. For other oil bottles, this is about 3 finger pads. Cover the pads of your index, middle and ring fingers on one hand (just the pad, not the whole end of your finger).

Once the oil is on your fingertips, put it on both hands and gently massage it into your beard. Try to massage down to the skin without scraping.

Balm adds an element of direction to your beard and helps shape it.

First, heat your hands by rubbing them together. Use about half a fingernail worth of balm and spread it on your hands. Apply by running your fingers through the hair.

The difference between these products is either in terms of nourishment or directional hold. Beard oil contains natural carrier oils to give your skin and bristles the protection and nourishment needed.

Beard balm also contains these oils but adds an element of directional hold (like hair gel) so that you can style your beard and keeps its shape.

Waxes are generally used for your moustache, either on their own or when you have a beard. These are like hair wax or gel and keep your moustache in shape throughout the day. Wax often has a stronger hold than balms.

In parting, here are some final tips to help on your journey to a majestic manly beard.
● Leave it alone. The more you touch, tug and pull on your beard, the unhealthier it will be and look.
● Don’t over-brush it.
● Beard oil is your best friend.
● Shaving doesn’t accelerate growth. The only proven way to get thicker growth is by optimizing your health, particularly sleep, nutrition and hormones. Use a soft brush to stimulate the follicles.