Plant Based Diaper Pants (Size S 4-6 kg)

59.90 AED


Inclusive of VAT

Soft, stretchy and unbelievably comfortable, the Plant Based Diaper Pants absorb two times better than other diapers and offer up to 12 hours of leakage protection. Made of a biodegradable material that is infused with the goodness of Aloe Vera that conditions, hydrates and soothes skin and helps prevent diaper rash and Cornstarch that has anti-inflammatory properties and allows skin to breathe while keeping it clean and dry.

Travel friendly and safe for all ages. Free from Latex, Fragrance, Chlorine and Petroleum-based Lotions, Silicones, Parabens, Mineral Oils and Dyes.

Size: Size S 4-6 kg. 30 diapers

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Put them on your baby like a pair of pants. Gently run your finger to adjust the soft, stretchable waistband as required. While removing, tear away at the sides and dispose off into a dustbin. Use as often as needed.

Clean, nourished skin and happy, healthy baby.

Nonwoven PLA (Topsheet), Paper Pulp (Absorbent Pad), Super Absorbent Polymer (Absorbent Pad), Aloe Vera Powder (Absorbent Pad), Polyethylene (Backsheet), Nonwoven Polypropylene (Backsheet), Polyurethane (Elastic), Hot Melt Adhesive (Construction)

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