Grow Strong Kansa Comb Massage Tool

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The Kansa Comb features curved teeth to help detangle hair, soothe the scalp, and promote healthy hair growth. Kansa combing also works remarkably well on the body by boosting micro-circulation and encouraging lymphatic drainage for smoother, brighter-looking skin. 


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Use as part of your daily hair strengthening ritual by combing from the front hairline, down to the back of the neck and keep at your fingertips to diminish fatigue. To further rejuvenate, use with a few drops of Grow Strong Hair Oil or our dosha Massage Oils if using on the body. Massage using rhythmic, circular, and gliding rotations; anti-clockwise to release stagnant energy and clockwise to rejuvenate.

Restorative Ayurvedic Kansa combing massage tool for healthier scalp, hair, body and mind. Ancient India's beauty wisdom redefined: our reassuringly weighty self-care tool is hand-crafted by hereditary master artisans in pure kansa. The magic of this healing metal alloy is that it acts like a magnet between the skin's surface and underlying connective tissue, subtly activating pranic energy (marma) points on the scalp to help rejuvenate follicles at a cellular level and support stress, inflammation and fatigue to melt away.

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