Rossano Ferretti

Prodigio Cleansing Scalp Scrub

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Designed to gently exfoliate and deep cleanse the scalp and hair, this luxury shampoo scrub removes impurities, excess oils, product build-up & dead skin cells, promoting healthy & shiny hair. A Vegan cleansing Scrub with over 90% naturally derived ingredients, utilising olive kernel powder to gently exfoliate & reinvigorate. Great for all scalp & hair types as a once a week replacement to your traditional shampoo or as a regular use shampoo for hair prone to dandruff or an oily scalp.

Size: 200 ml
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Apply a small amount to wet hair. Add water & massage into scalp & hair. Rinse & repeat. Rinse & proceed with usual Conditioner or Mask.

CLEANSE & EXFOLIATE A gentle scalp massage activates micro-circulation, promoting skin wellbeing & unclogs pores for optimal scalp health & reduced moisture loss.

INVIGORATE & REBALANCE Perfect regular use shampoo for oily scalps & dandruff. Calms & Soothes for a supremely clean, refreshed scalp.

CELL RENEWAL For all hair types. A shampoo scrub to stimulate the scalp, renewing skin cells to promote healthy hair growth for shiny, soft, smooth & strong hair.

SCENT A harmonious combination of Nectarine, Rose & Amber creates a calming & fruity scent with sophisticated woody notes, reminiscent of Sicily’s Orange Blossoms.

Mandarin Orange, Olive and Peppermint.

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