Wild Rose Himalayan Mist

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Made from the Himalayan Rose Damascena, which is sought after for its aromatic essence and healing properties, this steam-distilled rose water awakens, uplifts and hydrates – an exhilarating luxury for tired skin.


This 100% natural wild rose Himalayan mist may subtly vary in fragrance with changes in seasonal harvests.


Suitable for all skin types.


Size: 100 ml


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Spritz onto the face as a toner to hydrate and refresh skin at home, work or on the go! Mist evenly all over face to prep skin at 
the start of your skincare ritual or to set makeup.

Thirsty skin is quenched by the hydrating, pacifying properties of Rose. These precious droplets tighten pores, promote cell regeneration and restore perfect pH balance. 

100% rosa damascena flower water (hydrosol). Steam distilled at source in the high altitude Himalayas.

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