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Article: Acne Attack? Kill Them With Kindness!

Acne Attack? Kill Them With Kindness! - Secret Skin

Acne Attack? Kill Them With Kindness!

Acne-prone skin


Acne problems begin at a young age and never really leave you. While acne doesn't discriminate against different skin types, Oily skin can sometimes be difficult to manage and often lead to acne woes. Here are some hand-picked clean and effective options to bust those blemishes, smoothen the skin, and manage excess oil!  


1) Black Mint Clarifying Cleanser by Odacité 

This Ultra-fresh gel cleanser targets excess oil, blemishes and delivers a deep cleanse while maintaining the skin's moisture level. The powerful duo of activated Charcoal + Rhassoul Clay helps to suck out dirt, grime & pollution that often build the foundation of pimple-prone skin. 


2) Skin Karma by KJ Serums

This serum is a gentle anti-acne treatment that visibly reduces blemishes, breakouts, pigmentation and redness. This skin potion fights back but with kindness! 


3) Oily Acne Prone Serum Concentrate by Odacité 

This deeply purifying serum helps in improving the appearance of stubborn acne scars due to the Fatty Acid present in the ingredient Grapeseed Oil. Overall helps to improve the appearance of clogged pores and pimples while preventing the look of excess shine. One solution to many pimple problems, we'd say! 


4) Mitti Raw Honey Face Mask by Purearth


The Mitti (beauty clay) helps de-stress skin, fades blemishes and reduces the effect of pigmentation, UV and environmental damage. It aids in collagen production and supports the skin's cellular regeneration, that paves the way of healthy acne-free skin. It's the masking that masks your acne woes!


Don't be bound by the fear of acne. Explore clean goodness that is kind to your skin and the environment!  

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