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THE 'MIST' HAVES - Secret Skin


You know that super-hydrated feeling when you’ve just completed your morning skincare routine? Yes, the one after which you walk out looking like a delicious freshly glazed doughnut. I can only speak for myself (but know that many will agree) that this is when our skin’s at its prime. Cut to 12pm, a few Zoom calls and a dose of sun and pollution later, our skin starts to lose water as we venture through the day; sometimes very rapidly depending on the climate. This is where our unsung hero, the botanical mist, steps in.


Mists soothe fatigued complexions, give our skin a quick hit of hydration and uplift our mood. I’m just going to pause and make a bold rhetorical assumption here – don't we all love a good spritz of face mist through the day! *Blog post ends*


Kidding! Of course, there’s more than just my monologue to assure you of the merits of this multitasker. Other than making us feel like divas when we’re dramatically spritzing our faces, hydrosol mists actually play a very crucial role in our skincare regimes. We’ve rounded up some the best ways to benefit from botanical mists and our team’s favourite picks for each benefit.


  1. To Hydrate

During your skincare routine, mists are best used just before moisturisers and oils to allow the product to seal in the moisture. When used throughout the day, it replenishes the skin with much-needed hydration that is stripped off during our daily activities, prolonged use of technology or in air-conditioned/polluted spaces. A generous spritz every few hours helps purify and rejuvenate the complexion.


Our Top Pick: Amly’s Digital Detox Face Mist


  1. To Soak Excess Oil and Reduce Scars

Mists have the power to absorb excess oil and sebum from the skin while retaining moisture and creating a natural dewy look. A perfect antidote for oily skin, this quick fix helps revitalise tired-looking skin. Regular use of mists can help hydrate pigmented skin and treat acne scars over time. Look for light-weight soothing ingredients such as Green Tea and Jasmine in their purest forms for best impact.


Our Top Pick: Ranavat’s Royal Jasmine Hydrating Tonique


  1. To Make DIY Masques

A team favourite for our weekend rituals, we mix in mists when we’re experimenting with natural masques made from multani mitti, rice flour or gram flour. A generous helping of a toning botanical mist in the masque powder activates its ingredients and helps create a hydrating paste that detoxifies the skin and restores pH balance.


Our Top Pick: Purearth’s Wild Rose Botanical Mist


  1. To Get Your Makeup Glow On

We weren’t exaggerating when we called botanical mists multitaskers because believe it or not, they find their way into our makeup routines as well. Using a mist at the start of your routine can help prime the skin and create a moisturised and even canvas for foundation. A tiny spritz right after the foundation can help blend it into the skin more efficiently. Face mists also help set makeup in once you’re done without clogging/irritating the pores or interrupting with your makeup. These hydrating droplets help makeup look more natural and give you a refreshed, dewy glow.


Our Top Pick: Amly’s Radiance Boost Face Mist




  1. To Soothe & Relax

Secretly our favourite benefit of mists: the soothing properties and therapeutic scents that help calm the skin and mind. Calming ingredients like Sage, Lavender, Jasmine and Valerian Root are ones to look for if you’re seeking a mental detox through your skincare routine. Mists naturally relax and heal the skin, help collagen production and promote cellular repair while also relieving tension and refreshing a stressed mind.


Our Top Pick: Amly’s Beauty Sleep Face Mist

There you have it! The most underrated but essential skincare product on our shelves. Signing off with a generous spritz.

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