Our Top 3 From The Hall Of Fame

The year seems to be moving swiftly because it's already March! For the merry month of March, we want to shine some light on our clean superstars that have a well-earned chip on their shoulder.

1. Rahua's Classic Shampoo


Winner of Elle International Awards 2020, this cult favourite is a luscious blend of Omega-9 rich Rahua oil, Quinoa and Aloe Vera that makes every wash therapeutic and scalp soothing. The fresh, woodsy aroma of Palo Santo oil also known as “holy wood” makes this shampoo an Allstar!

2. Purearth's Illumine Supercritical Elixir


This heavy-lifter bagged a spot in Bazaar Beauty Top 100 Awards in 2013 and has been a winner ever since! With its extraordinary ability to plump skin and soften lines on any complexion and bathing skin with a luminescent glow, this beauty potion of botanical Omega 7 with distilled essential oils of Himalayan Rosa Damascena, Kashmir Geranium Leaf, Neroli and Frankincense is almost always out of stock!

3. Mauli's Supreme Skin Cleansing Oil


With accolades from Marie Claire, Global Makeup Awards 2020, Pure Beauty Awards 2020 and Beauty Shortlist Awards 2020 this champion has many wins under the belt. This nutrient-rich cleanser of 18 clarifying botanicals is formulated to remove all traces of make-up, dead skin cells and excess sebum without clogging pores and disrupting the skin’s natural equilibrium. We can see this as a staple in your cart already!

Now that we have given you are brightest stars it's about time you add to the cart and make them yours! You can also visit our Hall of Fame and see the extensive list of our clean Allstars that are worth every award and accolade.

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