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Article: The Clean Routine

The Clean Routine - Secret Skin

The Clean Routine

Deodorants. One of the most essential toiletry items that most men and women can’t go to work, on a date, on a run or on a meetup without. And yet deodorants, at least the conventional kinds, are one of the most harmful products that you can put onto (and therefore into) your body. More often than not, conventional deodorants are made of harmful carcinogens like parabens and aluminium (which is responsible for the blocking out of pores to prevent sweat from accumulating). Although there aren’t yet conclusive findings to suggest it, there are in-depth studies and research to suggest that common ingredients found in deodorants and antiperspirants are linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer's. 

The good news, however, is that there are clean alternatives that minimise risk to our bodies and the environment! You might ask: What makes a deodorant clean?

Clean and safe deodorants are typically in the form of balms formulated from plant-based and/or natural ingredients as well as essential oils. The essential oils tackle odour whilst the plant based components are there to tackle absorption, preventing sweat. Another advantage? Applying balm deodorants with our fingertips helps keep the process clean by not transferring bacteria from the armpits to the product (which is typically the case with stick deodorants). And if that’s not all, our favourite clean deodorants come in recyclable (brown paper boxes) or reusable packaging (tin boxes) that make it safe for the environment along with our personal health. 

We’ve tried and tested it and we can assure you the clean stuff works just as well if not 1000% better.

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