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While we're out of the chapped-skin (winter woes) phase, we've landed ourselves in the dull and dehydrated skin phase this summer. As the temperature rises, you'll need to tweak your skincare routine too. And at Secret Skin, we see no reason why 'Summer' and 'Savings' can't go hand in hand! So while you shop for your summer superstars we're giving you a 15% discount on your clean cart with code SUMMER15. Here are the top 5 summer essentials you can load up on and head to the checkout to save:

1. Amly Radiance Boost Face Mist


Quench your skin's thirst on the go with the deeply hydrating mist that has moisture-boosting Hyaluronic Acid, skin-perfecting Copper Peptides and nourishing plant Probiotics. The unique blend of silver-rich spring water with organic flowers, Hedgerow fruit, native British herbs and exquisite essential oils makes this mist smell so divine!

2. Odacité Hyperpigmentation Papaya Geranium Serum Concentrate


While we all love to have some fun under the sun, its exposure is the number one cause of hyperpigmentation. Pa+G Hyperpigmentation Papaya Geranium Serum Concentrate is specifically designed to combat hyperpigmentation. This multi-active serum rich in Papaya Seed Oil, Geranium Oil and Lemon Oil helps reduce the appearance of brown spots and sloughs off dead skin, encouraging a more evened-out appearance.

3. Rhug Wild Beauty Protecting Day Cream With Blue Tansy Oil


In summers it's best to keep your skincare light. This cream deeply nourishes, hydrates and boosts skin-protecting antioxidants for plumper, smoother looking skin. With ingredients like Plum Seed Oil known for its nourishing fatty acids and Blue Tansy Oil that calms and soothes the skin, this cream is your BFF when you need hydration all day!

4) Rahua Voluminous Dry Shampoo


It's a real struggle to have a good hair day when your hair starts to feel oily (thanks to the summer sweat) only hours after you've stepped out of your house. We recommend keeping a dry shampoo handy in your purse! Crafted with plant-based ingredients, this highly efficacious dry shampoo from Rahua, leaves hair and scalp clean, refreshed and also makes styling effortless!

5. Odacite Black Mint Clarifying Cleanser


Sometimes a quick facial cleanse is just the quick RnR you need in the middle of your day. This ultra-fresh minty gel cleanser has the powerful duo of activated Charcoal + Rhassoul Clay which helps to suck out dirt, grime & pollution, for cleaner-looking skin. Furthermore, the combined astringent properties of Peppermint + Tea Tree help to minimize the appearance of pores. Talk about a summer multi-tasker!


So now that we have introduced you to the summer favourites, we can't wait for you to get them with a 15% markdown! Use code SUMMER15 at checkout and get summer-ready!

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