As we journey towards a more conscious and sustainable future, the key to starting is starting small. A good place to begin is our beauty regimens, something we invest our time in everyday. And yes, small steps can make a huge impact.


Step One: Read/Research
There is one key rule to shifting to a sustainable approach and that is: there are no rules. There’s no set way of adopting the sustainable lifestyle so start by reading and understanding what parts work for you and what don’t. 


Step Two: Natural Ingredients

The math is simple: the more of these tick boxes your product checks, the greater your sustainability points. Our natural beauty favourites are Lola Lee Nail Polish, Ranavat Luminous Ceremony Cleanser and Purearth Bitter Apricot Oil.


Step Three: Recyclable Packaging

When shopping, take a quick scroll down to check the packaging information of your skincare favourites. They could be zero-waste (like soap bars), in reusable containers (like the Mauli Hand & Body Scrub) or in recyclable bottles (like the Amly Day Light Face Oil). We make it simple to reduce your carbon footprint and recycle your plastic bottles for Eco Reward points!


Step Four: Ditch The Single Use Items

In your everyday routine, try swapping disposable items for longer term alternatives. For example, disposable cotton pads are nasties that pollute our landfills and are non-recyclable. An alternative? A fabric face cloth for wiping off the day’s makeup and grime. Want more? Think compostable earbuds, bamboo razors, menstrual cups!


Step Five: Support Local Business

Seek brands that support local farmers, small businesses and indigenous communities to forage and develop their products. Not only does it come with the sustainability tag but also gives us a chance to help microeconomics flourish. We admire Purearth’s ethical philosophy – shop from them here.


That’s it – five easy everyday practices and voila! You’re already well along your sustainability journey!

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