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Article: Know Your Ingredients: All About Neem

Know Your Ingredients: All About Neem - Secret Skin

Know Your Ingredients: All About Neem

Used in Ayurveda and Indian skincare practices since 2000 B.C, Neem is a skincare superfood and has a wide range of powerful benefits on the skin and hair - helping treat everything from oily skin to dandruff. In India, Neem is referred to as sarva roga nivarini, which translates to ‘the cure of all ailments.’ As a testament to the multi-faceted and versatile benefits that it can offer, every single part of the tree has been used for a range of skin, hair and wellness treatments since centuries, making it one of the very few plants to be able to do so.




Neem leaves and their extracts are known for their antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and all-natural healing properties.


Neem Oil is rich in Fatty Acids, Vitamin E, Triglycerides, Antioxidants and Calcium, all of which contribute to a healthy, balanced scalp. Its high fatty acid content also allows your hair to lock in moisture and give it a smooth, glossy finish.

AS A TREATMENT FOR DANDRUFF: Since it has powerful anti-fungal properties, Neem Oil also makes for an excellent anti-dandruff treatment, since dandruff is caused by a fungal infection of the scalp. 

AS A REGENERATIVE SCALP AND HAIR TREATMENT: Neem Oil is packed with Vitamin E and other antioxidants, making it a crucial ingredient to help the skin cells regenerate and support the growth of healthy hair follicles. 

TO PREVENT HAIR LOSS: One of the primary causes of hair loss is a weak hair follicle and diminishing strength of the hair shaft. Hair loss is also caused by hair breakage, which is in turn caused by a lack of moisture to the strands. With its rich fatty acid content, Neem Oil helps provide both moisture and strength to your mane, helping reduce hair fall and give you a happy, healthy head of hair.

The fatty acids in Neem Oil also help tame flyaways and smooth frizz.


AS AN ACNE TREATMENT: Since Neem Oil has powerful antifungal properties, it helps treat acne and other fungal infections and give you smooth, clear skin.

TO DIMINISH WRINKLES: Neem is a powerhouse of fatty acids and Vitamins C and E, which is why it helps diminish wrinkles, smooth fine lines and reduce signs of premature aging. It also helps in achieving that highly coveted supple, smooth and glowing skin. 

TO REDUCE OIL: As an astringent, Neem Oil helps regulate the production of sebum in the skin and give you beautifully balanced and clear skin.




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