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Article: Earth Day 2022 - Invest In Your Planet

Earth Day 2022 - Invest In Your Planet - Secret Skin

Earth Day 2022 - Invest In Your Planet

Earth Day is an event that is held on April 22 to demonstrate support and raise awareness for environmental protection. First held on April 22, 1970, the event now includes a wide range of events coordinated globally by and follows a theme every year. For 2022, the theme for Earth Day is Invest In Your Planet.


The theme this year is a clarion call to come together and do whatever it takes to ensure that our planet - and its many inhabitants - are protected and remain thriving for centuries to come. It demands for bold action by both businesses and individuals for the sake of a prosperous and sustainable future and time to (re)build our home.







Unless businesses act now, climate change will inevitably damage economies, increase scarcity, drain profits and impact job prospects – much more than what it already has.


It is no secret that private sector innovation (with public support) accelerates the kind of rapid change we need, like nothing else. Studies show that it also pays and a direct correlation between sustainable business practices, share prices, and business performance. Companies who develop strong Environment Social Governance (ESG) standards have better profitability, stronger financials, happier employees and consequently, a more resilient stock performance.


Smart companies are discovering that it is no longer a choice between going green and growing long-term profits — sustainability is the path to prosperity. So for both humanitarian and business reasons, it is imperative that companies of all sizes take action and embrace the benefits of a green economy.


When it comes to climate change, money talks. Through regulations, incentives and both public and private partnerships, governments hold the keys to transform and build the green economy. Similar to the industrial and information revolutions, governments must incentivize their citizens, businesses, and institutions to build a resilient future. Ultimately, governments will empower green business practices as not only the ethical option but also the lucrative one.







As individuals, we have the simple yet effective power to make our voices heard through our choices, our civic actions, and our personal interactions. What each of us does, and how we do it, has a huge ripple effect on our ecosystems, and on the pace of corporate and government action.


Gen Z is providing inspiration, with 45% having stopped purchasing certain brands because of ethical or sustainability concerns. We have the power to lobby for and support businesses that take active steps to protect our environment through their practices and climate-friendly investments and fight against those that don’t.







- Organize a community cleanup with your friends. This will help you to stay connected to your physical environment and is a great way to bond with other people. Reward yourself with a brunch at a local café after!

 - Regulate your energy consumption by switching to online billing and turning off the lights when not in use.

- Minimize your carbon footprint by support your local businesses as much as you can, whether it's an online store or a neighbourhood café.

- Use environmentally friendly skincare and beauty products (we have some great options for you to pick from at!)

- Consume fashion in a responsible and sustainable way by avoiding unnecessary purchases, thrifting and favouring local designers and artists.


How will you be Investing In Your Planet this Earth Day? Let us know in the comments below.




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