Classic ShampooClassic Shampoo


Classic Shampoo

241 AED
Hydration ShampooHydration Shampoo


Hydration Shampoo

241 AED
Hydration ConditionerHydration Conditioner


Hydration Conditioner

256 AED
Voluminous ShampooVoluminous Shampoo


Voluminous Shampoo

241 AED
Voluminous SprayVoluminous Spray


Voluminous Spray

217 AED
Leave-In TreatmentLeave-In Treatment


Leave-In Treatment

314 AED
Classic ConditionerClassic Conditioner


Classic Conditioner

256 AED
Voluminous Dry ShampooVoluminous Dry Shampoo


Voluminous Dry Shampoo

227 AED
Omega-9 Hair MaskOmega-9 Hair Mask


Omega-9 Hair Mask

400 AED
Voluminous ConditionerVoluminous Conditioner


Voluminous Conditioner

266 AED

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Rahua Products Online

It’s always a natural utopia with Rahua’s beauty products. Their products are known for pure ingredients and unparalleled performance. The Founders, Fabian Lliguan and Anna Ayers were brought together through environments passion and preservation. By producing ingredients through revived traditional methods their philanthropic approach is to empower the indigenous people to create and sustain an economy based on preserving their traditions, in doing this – simultaneously they remain strong as the forest’s guardians and protectors, living in balance and nurturing its abundance for generations. Rahua’s products range from skincare to hair care and are known to produce the best of results.

What is Rahua?
The Rahua® (ra-wa) name is derived from the rare Ungurahua nut, found in the Amazon rainforest. The oil derived from that nut - Rahua oil is a highly enriching ingredient for skin and hair products.

How does Rahua define ‘natural’?
There is nothing more natural or beautiful than the bounty of the Amazon rainforest. Their goal as a business is to use this bounty—safeguarded by its indigenous peoples—to create the cleanest and greenest beauty products on earth. Products are purchased directly from tribespeople who cultivate ingredients using ancient traditional methods and are paid a higher price to honour and sustain their work, their way of life, and the forest itself.

Does Rahua test on animals?
No. All Rahua® products are cruelty-free. They do not test products on animals, nor use any animal proteins in the making of any Amazon Beauty® products.

What do ‘symbiotic’ ingredients mean to Rahua?
Symbiotic is Rahua’s signature standard. For an ingredient to be classified as Symbiotic, it must be rainforest-grown (wild) in undisturbed virgin forest, harvested and prepared using indigenous knowledge by people indigenous to the virgin forest environment, and it must be purchased at a price that helps to grow and sustain these traditions, build economies, and empower the indigenous people.

Are Rahua products sustainable?
Yes, they get their signature oils from indigenous Amazonians who have passed down their ancestral knowledge through generations. Buying these oils crafted in this way helps support the rainforest and its most stalwart defenders: its inhabitants. Sustainability is at the core of this brand.

At Secret Skin, we are happy to onboard a renowned brand that redefines natural and sustainable products, making it one of the top choices of consumers. The products suit all skin types. So what are you waiting for? Select your choice, add to cart and bag an entry to nature’s club!