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Article: Mindful Gifting Guide

Mindful Gifting Guide - Secret Skin

Mindful Gifting Guide

As the holidays approach us, we reflect on how we can take on the task of Christmas Gifting from a mindful perspective.

Personal and Perfect

With gifts flying around this season, add value to your presents by selecting something that is personal and that you know your partner, friend or family will definitely make good use of. Think back on their hobbies, interests or something that fits into their lifestyle. Surely, anyone would appreciate quality over quantity!

A luxe, daily use item is always a good idea – shop our grooming kit for a personal touch to usable gifting:

Gift Experiences

For all the mindful minimalists out there, give the gift of an experience, time or selfcare. This year, more than ever, we have learnt the value of wellness in our lives and happiness in the form of intangible values. Book a spa session, go on a hike together, subscribe them to a book club or encourage them to unwind and take time out for selfcare. 

A virtual Gift Card is zero-waste and can never go wrong – shop now:

Minimise Waste

With all the holiday cheer comes a ton of paper and plastic waste; whether that’s decoration, packaging or the gift itself. This year, take the conscious approach and get creative by using newspaper/fabric for wrapping gifts and even selecting environmentally conscious presents. Think local businesses, recyclable/reusable packaging and sustainable products. This way you and your loved ones can embark on the eco-friendly journey together. 

How about a balm deodorant in a reusable tin box as a stocking filler?

Stay Connected

With the unprecedented nature of the year, our holiday plans and family time may have also gone awry. Make time for long-distance family Zoom calls and get creative with plans over Zoom. Have a virtual dinner date, try recipes together with your siblings from far away, or even have a masque and bonding sesh with your best friend virtually. The ideas are endless!

Nothing can stop us from fostering connections. Masque and wine on Zoom, if you may? Gift yourself or your best friend now:

Still unsure of what to get your loved ones? Shop from our 2020 Gift Guides.

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