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Article: O is for Organic

O is for Organic - Secret Skin

O is for Organic

Ever wondered what the word ‘organic’ on your skincare bottles really means? Well, good news, we’re breaking down the jargon and truths for you.


Essentially, the word organic means when something is produced without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals. In that sense, with beauty, organic skincare usually is products that consist of ingredients that have been farmed without using chemicals and with complete respect for the ecosystem where they’re procured.


You might be wondering; how does this help me? Well, just as the case with food where organic ingredients have higher nutrition value for the body, organic skincare too have better benefits for the skin, leaving less room for irritation, toxicity and build up. The math is simple: the cleaner the ingredients, the safer it is to use.


Identifying Organic Skincare

The term organic has unfortunately fallen prey to the practice of green washing, so it becomes increasingly hard to recognise truly organic products. The best place to start are product labels. What you’re looking for is certifications and facts about organic farming of ingredients. We know through research that brands that are transparent and mindful in their practice, list out the organic ingredients clearly on product labels and also take the initiative to explain their process. Products that contain even a tiny amount of organic ingredients are considered an organic skincare product so be sure to scan the label looking out for the ingredients listed at the top, as your first indicator.


Truth About Ingredients – Natural vs Organic

Often, organic skincare is mistaken for what IS NOT in the product. While this is a good starting point, an effective deep dive into what IS inside the product will take you further on the clean journey.


If you’re still with me (and I’m hoping you are!), let’s break down another confusion: the difference between “organic” and “natural”. As we now know, organic skincare is made of ingredients that are farmed without chemicals. Natural skincare ingredients include those such as clay, berries, jojoba, and aloe vera that haven't been farmed organically but are considered natural due to their purity. Pure as it might be, as they've not been produced by organic means (clay cannot be organic by the way!), it's therefore not considered an organic ingredient. Simple right?


The Key Takeaway

If you’re not already reading ingredients behind a product, try and acquire this simple habit as you only become more conscious and mindful of the types of ingredients to look out for in your next skincare purchase. Recognise the buzzwords and question them further to know what you’re applying to your skin and how it may affect you!

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