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Article: The Rich Cream: The Cult Favorite Cream Loved By Victoria Beckham & Hailey Bieber

The Rich Cream: The Cult Favorite Cream Loved By Victoria Beckham & Hailey Bieber - Secret Skin

The Rich Cream: The Cult Favorite Cream Loved By Victoria Beckham & Hailey Bieber

Image courtesy: @augustinusbader


It was in early 2018 that a German scientist by the name of Dr. Augustinus Bader (who taught stem cell biology at the University of Leipzig in Germany) made his foray, albeit accidentally, into the world of skincare. Since then, the brand has gone on to attain cult status with everyone from Ashley Graham to Victoria Beckham raving about the softening, smoothing, age-defying benefits of Augustinus Bader’s lotions and potions. 

Among its many offerings is the cult-favorite The Rich Cream; a quick search on Instagram pulls up thousands of photos of both men and women for whom the cream has found a top spot in their beauty closets, thanks to its ability to moisturize the skin (or as one user describes it, to act as a moisture blanket for your skin). The formulation also works to boost cell function that helps to strengthen the skin’s natural barrier and aid in the repair of extremely dry and dehydrated skin for skin that looks and feels healthy, nourished and radiant. 

But doesn’t that make the Rich Cream similar to almost every other moisturizer in the luxury skincare aisle? Not exactly.






For starters, the Rich Cream is formulated with Augustinus Bader’s patented formula of TFC8® or the Trigger Factor Complex 8 - a proprietary ingredient that is at the heart of all of Augustinus Bader’s products and that can be most accurately described as a cocktail of more than a whopping 40 ultra powerful ingredients (including natural amino acids, high-grade vitamins and synthesized molecules). Together, these ingredients work to activate stem cells, kickstarting the body’s natural renewal process to help repair fine lines, dark spots and visible pores. Since TFC8 is proprietary, it’s unclear exactly how it works, but it also means that this is the one ingredient that you will be hard pressed to find in another product. The Rich Cream is also enriched with Argan, Avocado and Evening Primrose Oils that give it its richly moisturising properties and that you won’t find in The Cream (also from Augustinus Bader and formulated for normal to oily skin types).

Much of the benefits of The Rich Cream depend on how you use it; to begin with, it is important that you apply it immediately after you cleanse your face so that the product penetrates right into your skin. The brand also recommends that you use the product for a full 27 days since that is the time it takes for your body to turn over newly regenerated skin cells. And if you’re one of those that thrive on an elaborate eleven step skincare routines, there is also no reason to completely ditch the rest of your skincare products either (although the product multitasks effortlessly as an eye cream and serum as well). Just make sure you are applying the Rich Cream first and as you continue using the product, you will find that you won’t necessarily need to continue using the rest of your products - freeing up space in your beauty closet and fully justifying the price tag.


Start with a freshly cleansed face.

Pump out the product on your palms. The Rich Cream comes with a dispenser that distributes an ample amount of product with each pump so it is easy to pump out exactly as much product as you need (which means no waste!). Augustinus Bader recommends only using two pumps for your entire face morning and night on clean, dry skin.

Directly apply the cream on your face using a gentle, circular motion. The Rich Cream is, well, rich but it also has a buttery consistency that ensures that it glides smoothly on to your skin and sinks right in without much trouble. And while the cream is highly effective to use on its own, feel free to seal in its moisturizing benefits with an oil or serum if you feel ever so inclined.


 Image courtesy: @augustinusbader



The Rich Cream is a great addition to your skincare routines - especially if you have dry skin or need a new moisturizer for the colder and drier months of the year. It is also available in 3 variants of 15 ml, 30 ml and 50 ml, that make it easy for you to try and test the product for yourself, before you commit to the full-sized bottle. 

 Image courtesy: @augustinusbader


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