Bitter Apricot OilBitter Apricot Oil
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Bitter Apricot Oil

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Body Treatment Oil Ylang Ylang Tamanu and Omega 7Body Treatment Oil Ylang Ylang Tamanu and Omega 7

Grown Alchemist

Body Treatment Oil Ylang Ylang Tamanu and Omega 7

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Oudh & Rose Body OilOudh & Rose Body Oil


Oudh & Rose Body Oil

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Dirty Hipster Normalizing Body OilDirty Hipster Normalizing Body Oil


Dirty Hipster Normalizing Body Oil

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Moon Sisters Nurturing Body OilMoon Sisters Nurturing Body Oil


Moon Sisters Nurturing Body Oil

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Sexy Sadie Hydrating Body OilSexy Sadie Hydrating Body Oil


Sexy Sadie Hydrating Body Oil

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The Body OilThe Body Oil

Augustinus Bader

The Body Oil

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Move Body OilMove Body Oil


Move Body Oil

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Many of society's inspiration with today's beauty rituals come to us from ancient cultures. And, perhaps more so now than ever in modern history, people are returning to pure ingredients from the earth to nourish their skin and bodies.

Here Are Five Reasons Why You Really Ought To Try A Body Oil To See The Benefits For Yourself:

All The Nourishment Without The Toxins
The right body oil can give you that extra, deep skin hydration you've been missing as most body oils are pure, unadulterated plant oils that are full of antioxidants, vitamins and skin nourishment.

If an organic body oil has a scent, it would most likely be from quality essential oils, rather than synthetic fragrances. Essential oils not only bring a sensory element to the body oil ritual, but each has its unique benefits for skin health, too.

And, your skin absorbs close to 60 per cent of what you put on it. So, when you consider the skin on your body as the most significant surface area of skin, you can decrease your exposure to unnecessary toxins and parabens by replacing a mainstream body cream with high quality pure, organic body oil.

Get Natural And Effective Skin Repair
No matter what skin concerns you happen to have – irritated skin, stretch marks, cellulite, dryness, or loss of elasticity; using body oil can turn things around for you.

Every essential oil has a unique benefit to make you look and feel your best and Grown Alchemist’s Body Oil is a potent blend of botanical bioactive ingredients that soften and smooth while increasing skin elasticity and hydration, noticeably improving skin texture and appearance. Lavender calms your skin and your mood while geranium boosts elasticity and carrot seed tones skin and muscles.

It's A Natural Way To Stay Fragrant
Do you love the smell of perfume but aren't a huge fan of all those unnatural chemicals? Body oil is right up your alley then! When you've got a beautiful blend of the best organic essential oils, nothing smells better than nature itself. Body oil can often retain an aroma so you can enjoy a subtle yet luscious scent hours after applying it.

Body Oils Can Help The Body And Mind Relax
Because a body oil is so easy to work into the skin - particularly a fast-absorbing one like Purearth’s Bitter Apricot Oil in which Himalayan bitter apricot kernels are cold-pressed in a traditional wooden vat ‘Ghani’ at the source. Rooted in the wisdom of generations, this wonderfully indulgent oil is a sacred remedy offered by the indigenous Himalayan womenfolk. The relaxing natural aromas can whisk you away to a happier place, allowing you to leave stress behind right before bed - or any time of the day, for that matter!

Using a gorgeous blend of botanical oils to nourish and repair the skin of our precious bodies is happily making a comeback from ancient days to modern times. We at Secret Skin think once you try it yourself, you'll never look back!