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ginger 6

ginger 6

Ginger 6 are Korean cosmetics whose leading note is ginger. The plant has strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. The brand has developed and patented two methods of obtaining ginger extracts. It eliminates its characteristic smell .  Ginger 6 cosmetics are cosmetics suitable for vegans with a delicate and effective formula.

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Ginger6 - Hand creamGinger6 - Hand cream
Ginger6 - Hand cream Sale price30.00 AED
Ginger6 - Hydrating Foam cleanserGinger6 - Hydrating Foam cleanser
Ginger6 - Energizing PEPTI Cream
Ginger6 - Active water creamGinger6 - Active water cream
Ginger6 - Active water cream Sale price90.00 AED
Ginger6 - Like white Blossom essence toner
Ginger6 - Like white snow serum