Hydra Restore Cream Cleanser Olive Leaf and Plantago ExtractHydra Restore Cream Cleanser Olive Leaf and Plantago Extract

Grown Alchemist

Hydra Restore Cream Cleanser Olive Leaf and Plantago Extract

168 AED
Body Treatment Oil Ylang Ylang Tamanu and Omega 7Body Treatment Oil Ylang Ylang Tamanu and Omega 7

Grown Alchemist

Body Treatment Oil Ylang Ylang Tamanu and Omega 7

139 AED
Sleep Tight Face BalmSleep Tight Face Balm
Sold out


Sleep Tight Face Balm

370 AED
Essential GlowEssential Glow

KJ Serums

Essential Glow

250 AED
Digital Detox Face MistDigital Detox Face Mist
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Digital Detox Face Mist

253 AED
City Screen Face SerumCity Screen Face Serum


City Screen Face Serum

318 AED

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To not fight but to care for the scars that make us.

In the wild, animals with spotted markings blend into their surroundings. But on us humans, brown splotches on the upper lip, forehead and cheekbones draw attention to an underlying issue: skin pigmentation. While not dangerous, pigmentation is stubborn to treat.

Your body produces melanin to protect you from the sun – an over production shows up as brown spots and hyperpigmentation and the melanocytes then dump the dark pigment known as melanin into the deeper layers of skin, a bit like tattoo ink.

Skin discolouration can manifest itself in a myriad of ways like Age spots, Skin Spots, Melasma and a lot of unpleasant things.

Pondering over what causes pigmentation?

Sun exposure - The more exposed we are to the sun, the more melanin our skin produces to protect us from UV radiation. The result, of course, is sunspots.
Skin inflammation - such as acne, eczema, lupus and injury. Inflammation is the body’s way of fighting unwanted intruders, but it can also turn on itself and ravage the skin.
Hormone changes and Medical conditions, such as the hormone-disrupting Addison’s disease and Hemochromatosis.

However, removing a tattoo is a tedious and painful process but fortunately it’s not the same with pigmentation.

Our Global experts from Internationally acclaimed brands have created a magical range of natural products that help fight pigmentation. Carefully chosen natural components are why we are hit amidst the many women in the region.

A Glimpse Of Our Products

# Natural Skin Rescue- Camel Milk Face Rescue
A must try is the Camel Milk face rescue that is rich in Alpha-hydroxy Acids (AHAs) and gently exfoliates the skin by removing the top layers of dead cells and promotes healthier, firmer skin with a luminous matte finish. Crafted with 30% fresh camel milk and enriched with Omani Frankincense and Sweet Orange Essential oils it improves skin barrier protection, soothes irritations and enhances skin vitality.

# Amly- Digital Detox Face Mist
Second in number is the Digital Detox Face mist that detoxifies the skin and combats the effects of environmental and digital pollution. Energy-cleansing Frankincense, purifying Magnesium Salts and powerful Marine Actives are combined with Ginseng to aid concentration.

Must Haves

# Pure Earth Mitti Raw Honey Face Masque
# KJ Serums- Skin Karma
# Pure Earth- Wild Rose Hip Supercritical Face Oil

While skincare targeted at lightening areas of pigmentation certainly isn't new, at Secret Skin, naturally acclaimed products available online are a must have when you’re residing in the region of the hottest summer which calls for higher pigmented skin cases! Hurry and head to our website to protect your skin from the damage.