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Article: Age of Inclusivity

Age of Inclusivity - Secret Skin

Age of Inclusivity

For years, the beauty industry was set firm and thriving on its foundation based on exclusion and elitism. With the definition of what is considered beautiful came the discrimination of what is not. Beauty campaigns coloured with a single variant of nude. Beauty trends pressurising young women (and the few men that dared to indulge) into unrealistic standards. Forever questioning their place within this multi-billion-dollar industry.


Cut to more recent times (what we like to see as hopeful times), the skincare and beauty industry is opening its doors to inclusion of ethnicities, genders and cultures, all while broadening the parentheses of what fits into the ‘what is considered beautiful’ answer. In our wildly optimistic and subtly-zen regard? Everything.


Think of this for a minute. How incredibly complex, diverse and beautiful is the human form? How alluring is your skin against the skin of someone next to you? How gracefully do we grow, shapeshift and age?


When we see the work by artists like Peter Devito and Waleed Shah, we are surprised and empowered. Surprised at the lack of representation that has existed for years. Empowered at room for acceptance and diversity that this art fosters. Whether it was Adut Akech's first runway show with Saint Laurent or Adwoa Aboah's Vogue UK cover, these acts served as proof that the industry is at the brink of a radical shift. 


But is this a trend of tokenism that will soon wear off? The real shift will be felt when the industry feels a sense of responsibility to unlearn biases and build a community that shows up in the most confident, barest form.


 The Secret Skin Inclusivity Ethos

We want to contribute to a piece of the skincare industry that celebrates all humans. Through all our perfect imperfections. Not urging us to fit into any boxes but helping us create a box for ourselves. We envision a place where skin conditions and body types are not personality defining adjectives, a world where we ditch the pronouns. Where we move from vanity to humanity. Because, after all, everyone's skin is special. Period. It needs to be pampered and celebrated without the barriers of gender, ethnicity or culture.

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