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Reawaken Hand & Body Lotion

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Hand Cream Vanilla and Orange PeelHand Cream Vanilla and Orange Peel

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Hand Cream Vanilla and Orange Peel

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Moisturising Hand Lotion With Apricot Oil and HeatherMoisturising Hand Lotion With Apricot Oil and Heather
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Rhug Wild Beauty

Moisturising Hand Lotion With Apricot Oil and Heather

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The skin on your palms is different from the skin at the back of your hands. The skin on top is much thinner and has few sebaceous glands which leave it dry very quickly. For moisture to penetrate on both sides of the hand, a hand cream needs to be rich and full of moisture-binding ingredients.

Everyday tasks, right from exposure to water, driving with your hands exposed to the sunrays and various other environmental factors, can leave the skin on the hand dry, cracked and even painful. This is not just restricted to women alone but men face the problem too. Your hands not only need to feel protected but even look good. Using a hand cream daily is a must and should be added to your skincare regimen. Ensure that you do not use hand creams with harsh chemicals and opt for nature-driven products which are available at Secret Skin.

Hand creams can help in various situations. Take a look at some of those:

1. Playing an instrument - If you are a music lover and jam the guitar every day, it can take a toll on your hands leaving them dry. Rock star injuries might look cool but they don’t feel great, that’s where the best-chosen hand cream plays a vital role.
2. Frequent Washing - Whether you are washing utensils or in the recent pandemic times where hand wash is a must, soap and water alone can damage your skin. A hand cream acts as a saviour for your skin,
3. Dehydration - Water intake is very important to keep your skin healthy. However, in worst scenarios, hand creams step in as protectors for your skin.

No set rule says how often you should use a hand cream. Some people use it every time after washing their hands and some people use it sporadically throughout the day. We suggest using a hand cream anytime you start feeling dry or notice little cracks on your hand skin. Infusions of certain ingredients can also benefit your hands. For example, different herbs can help with specific ailments, complaints or issues.

Your hands age as quickly as your face does as they are exposed to the same elements like UV rays, weather and many more factors that lead to the appearance of ageing even on your hands. With regular use of hand cream, you can minimise the signs by improving elasticity and moisture.