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Body Deodorants Online

Just like how brushing your teeth, washing your face and brushing your hair is a must, applying deodorant is equally important. However, like all of the aforementioned tasks, most of us apply deodorant in the morning. No-brainer, right? Our bodies react with the chemicals in deodorant differently at night than they do in the morning. And the difference is a big one.

At Secret Skin, we have products from ‘Routine’ which has formulated deodorant balms, an extra-sensitive, baking soda free formula that smells like cocoa, eucalyptus and ultra-savvy intuition.

Introducing routine's new baking soda free natural deodorant line up!

It is an amazing natural product, deodorizer and the star of the original well-loved formulas. Baking soda is alkaline and for some people, at certain times, it can throw off their pH balance, in turn causing skin sensitives. This is why, for our friends with sensitive skin, ‘Routine’ has created four new deodorants in which baking soda is replaced with dietary magnesium which aids in relaxing the armpits, which in turn, fends off those woeful stress sweats!

The other ingredients used in the balm

Eucalyptus- It cleanses the skin and neutralises odours providing freshness. The lightweight organic formula is designed to soak easily into the skin without leaving staining or tacky residue.
Rose Geranium- It is one of the best component for its natural anti-bacterial properties. It also provides a rosy floral scent. It helps keep the underarms dry combating odour.
Cocoa- It regulates perspiration and limits odours while protecting your skin, improves blood flow and is very good for sensitive skin
Magnesium- It is a safe and natural compound used for keeping deodorants safe to use. It is essential for the human body and the milk of magnesia is helpful for body odours.

Tips for applying deodorant balm for maximum results

Towel dry armpit after a shower and apply the product straight away. Ensure the underarms are completely dry to give your deodorant the chance to work the best it can, without being diluted by any dampness.

Apply a pea-size amount on each armpit using a circular motion. The amount of product needed varies from person to person Ensure you are rubbing the product in until you can no longer see it.

Why do we think the paste works better?

- Paste stays in the skin better and for longer.
- Paste is more hygienic.
- Pastes don’t need any harsh preservatives.
- Your paste will last you longer.
- Paste can help your immune system.

We hope this helps you chose the right natural deodorant from the skincare products at Secret skin and would love to hear about your natural skincare journey with us.