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Article: Do These 6 Things Before 9 AM For #ACleanStart

Do These 6 Things Before 9 AM For #ACleanStart - Secret Skin

Do These 6 Things Before 9 AM For #ACleanStart

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The new year always fills us up with new inspiration and a second chance at exploring the untapped opportunities from our wishlist. The last few years induced a lot of uncertainty in our lives due to covid, and it may seem that this year, regrettably, is no different. That is the reason why it's even more crucial to have a positive impact on our day-to-day wellbeing.

It is believed that how you begin your morning can profoundly shape your entire day. Once you start your day on a healthy foot, it’s a lot easier to keep making healthier choices. So here's a list of 6 things that you can do every morning to ensure your day goes with the best of intentions and outcomes.

1) Start your day an hour earlier

If you wake up when your alarm goes off towards your first chore of the day your day begins on a panicky note. Waking up an hour early gives you the chance to take things slow and your at peace.


2) Drink a Glass of Water


Set a water bottle on your nightstand the night before, that way, you have your glass of water (or detox water) as soon as your feet hit the floor. Drinking water first thing also helps set the intention of a hydrated day right away!

3) Align your mind for the day

Whether it's chanting, praying or exploring the power of affirmations, do a little positive workout for the mind that helps you feel more aligned and calm. Lighting up a candle always strikes that inspiration and helps set the mood. We've got some stellar clean choices from ApothecarySaanté for you. 


4) Align your body for the day



Your muscles might be stiff from the different sleeping positions you've been in throughout the night. Get your blood circulating by getting up and moving! This will boost your energy levels and release the feel-good hormones; inspiring you to make positive decisions (such as our next pointer)! 


5) Set your goals for the day

This year we're letting go of the 'hustle hard' state of mind and adopting the 'here to heal' vibe. Jotting down a long list of tasks, might seem like a daunting endeavour, so we're making small goals that you'd like to accomplish that day. It's okay to have just a few goals as long as they're achievable and they inspire you to achieve more. 

5) Don't Skip your AM skin routine

From creating a ritual that gives you an uplifting bathing experience to having a soothing skincare routine, this is the part when you look your best to feel your best. To elevate your shower experience, #SecretSkinRecommends Spongellé and Ixora. Rhugh Wild Beauty and Rossano Ferretti are great choices for your post-shower sprucing up routine.

6) Make Breakfast the happiest meal

Whether you're a cereal eater or a pancake lover, make the first meal of your day something that brings the biggest smile to your face. Food holds the dual power of instantly making you happy and giving you the energy to take on the day!

If you choose #ACleanStart every day this will soon become your habit.
Need more inspiration on doing things right? Join us in #ACleanStart challenge today, where we focus on one healthy self-care goal every week.


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