Now Shipping to Oman & Kuwait!


The power of clean beauty broadens its horizons to Oman & Kuwait. Secret Skin is now available for all our clean beauty believers in Kuwait and Oman! We have partnered with Spotii to make sure that 'no-interest' installments can ease the shopping experience for everyone in the region. As we expand the mission of Secret Skin to Oman & Kuwait our founder has a message to share with you:  


It is said there is no limit to Dreaming.

When I started Secret Skin a year ago our intention was to gauge the interest in the UAE first and eventually expand the value proposition to other regions after analyzing local performance, in a bid to bring Clean Beauty to many more parts of the Middle East.


As a founder, I am grateful and humbled at the constant support and feedback from our customers who trusted us with their endorsement and believed in our mission. In five months of operation, we saw no cancellations, returns or customer churn, fortifying our ability to predict and deliver the right customer experience by insisting on high service standards.


Today, to address the growing demand from Oman and Kuwait for clean personal care, I’m thrilled to share that Secret Skin will now be available to our audience there with flexible payment options and streamlined logistic support through our fulfilment partners.


We are growing rapidly indeed and hope to continue with the same level of excellence in our journey of sustainability as we scale. I remain deeply appreciative of the continued support from our team, customers and partners.


Love Yourself. Protect the Planet. Shop Consciously. 


Anisha Oberoi,

Founder & CEO

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