Lip Balm Vanilla & WatermelonLip Balm Vanilla & Watermelon

Grown Alchemist

Lip Balm Vanilla & Watermelon

82 AED
Meadow Dew Facial EssenceMeadow Dew Facial Essence
Sold out


Meadow Dew Facial Essence

318 AED
Day Light Face OilDay Light Face Oil
Sold out


Day Light Face Oil

374 AED
Sleep Tight Face BalmSleep Tight Face Balm
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Sleep Tight Face Balm

370 AED
Essential GlowEssential Glow

KJ Serums

Essential Glow

250 AED
Purifying Hand Wash With Cornmint and DandelionPurifying Hand Wash With Cornmint and Dandelion

Rhug Wild Beauty

Purifying Hand Wash With Cornmint and Dandelion

145 AED
Digital Detox Face MistDigital Detox Face Mist
Sold out


Digital Detox Face Mist

253 AED
City Screen Face SerumCity Screen Face Serum


City Screen Face Serum

318 AED
Moisturising Hand Lotion With Apricot Oil and HeatherMoisturising Hand Lotion With Apricot Oil and Heather

Rhug Wild Beauty

Moisturising Hand Lotion With Apricot Oil and Heather

160 AED

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Dry Skin Care Products Online

An extra touch of nourishment and hydration

We all wish we had perfect skin, but we all know that is never the case for most of us. Some have oilier than usual skin, while others tend to have dry skin, which often feels tight and flaky. If you belong to the latter category, there are things you need to stop doing if you don’t want your dry skin to get any worse.

Not Moisturizing Regularly

Moisturizing is a must for all skin types but how much is enough for your dry skin is the question. Never miss a chance to moisturize because it’s one skincare routine that’s keeping your dry skin from getting worse.
We recommend using Amly’s Meadow Dew Facial Essence from Secret Skin. This facial essence absorbed into the skin, is a lightweight liquid that preps the skin to imbibe moisturisers and oils better.

Drying Your Face Before Moisturizing

Often people with dry skin pat dry themselves first and then apply moisturizer, this is what we have been doing all our lives right? But it’s wrong! If you have dry skin, the more you need to keep hydration locked in, which is the job of a moisturizer. Drying off immediately means there would be less moisture to lock in, which won’t be doing your dry skin any favours.

Not Drinking Enough Water

Water is the solution to many skin problems and it’s imperative to keep yourself

Using Toners With High Alcohol Content

Using toners is a good way of balancing out the PH of your skin. However, the alcohol content of some toners is so high that using them leaves your skin drier than before. So if you’re going to use toners, choose a natural toner from Secret skin that is great for hydrating and soothing the skin.

Taking Long, Hot Showers

Taking a long, hot shower is one of the most welcome things you can do during the winter. However, if your dry skin could speak, it will probably be railing against it because water that’s too warm can dry it out further by stripping it of its natural oils.

Using Natural Facial Cleansers Are A Boon To Your Skin

Like hot water, soapy or foamy facial cleansers can strip your skin of its natural oils and leave your skin all dried out. The best skin cleansers for people with dry skin are natural oil-based ones

We at Secret Skin recommend browsing through our natural and skin friendly products which keep you coming back for more.

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