Meadow Dew Facial EssenceMeadow Dew Facial Essence
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Meadow Dew Facial Essence

318 AED
Body Cleanser Chamomile Bergamot and Rosewood

Grown Alchemist

Body Cleanser Chamomile Bergamot and Rosewood

168 AED
Body Treatment Oil Ylang Ylang Tamanu and Omega 7Body Treatment Oil Ylang Ylang Tamanu and Omega 7

Grown Alchemist

Body Treatment Oil Ylang Ylang Tamanu and Omega 7

139 AED
Digital Detox Face MistDigital Detox Face Mist


Digital Detox Face Mist

253 AED
Enzyme Facial ExfoliantEnzyme Facial Exfoliant

Grown Alchemist

Enzyme Facial Exfoliant

283 AED
Nocturnal Nectar Facial EssenceNocturnal Nectar Facial Essence


Nocturnal Nectar Facial Essence

318 AED

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For gentle nurturing and mindful rituals

Are you in a FOMO zone for not being able to try an array of beauty products for your sensitive skin?

Of course, it’s not a fool proof plan! Everyone’s sensitive skin is different, and many of the dermatologist-created brands out there focus on results-driven skincare which could be too potent depending on your particular issue. But what you can be sure of is that they tend to be no-nonsense formulas, almost always fragrance-free (or in the least, low in synthetic perfumes) and most importantly are Natural

How about trying a carefully curated range of products that are made with precision and combination of vigilantly selected ingredients that are skin friendly.

Our product range consists of natural ingredients like Manjistha that augments skin health. It is sanctified with antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that makes it a one-step remedy for all skin problems. Next up is an all-time trusted ingredient, saffron that reduces hyper-pigmentation on the skin and deteriorates the ageing process of the skin.

Heard of antioxidant Cacao? You’re going to love this component in the products. It protects your skin from oxidation and ageing and gives you a healthy dose of skin soothing rejuvenation.

Three things are a must-to-have in your daily life routine:

Water is very important for skin detox but another addition to your regime is Amly’s Meadow Dew Facial Essence that is effortlessly absorbed into the skin, it is a lightweight liquid that preps the skin to imbibe moisturisers and oils better thus helping you hydrate from both within and outside.

Pamper Yourself
Treat yourself to Grown Alchemist’s Enzyme Facial Exfoliant, a granule-free exfoliant that hydrates facial skin while gently dissolving dead skin cells while evening out skin tone and smoothing fine lines. The cell renewing properties of Papain and Amino Complex act as a natural exfoliator making it look supple and luminous. This is perfect for a pampering weekend away from the hustle bustle.

And Relax
One of the best skin detox tips to brighten up your complexion is pretty simple. Plush. Luxe. Epicurean! This bestseller, the Mitti is a molten, transformative concoction of raw Honey and antioxidant Cacao folded into high performance Ayurveda botanical actives and clays. The Mitti helps stressed skin, fades blemishes, pigmentation, UV and environmental damage.

The skin care products for sensitive skin collection at the Secret Skin online portal is for all those of you who pondered over having a youthful skin but were anxious of using any product. Our sustainable products give you a worry free skin regime that keeps you asking for more!