City Screen Face SerumCity Screen Face Serum


City Screen Face Serum

318 AED
Imperial Glow: Facial PolishImperial Glow: Facial Polish


Imperial Glow: Facial Polish

208 AED
Meadow Dew Facial EssenceMeadow Dew Facial Essence
Sold out


Meadow Dew Facial Essence

318 AED
Nocturnal Nectar Facial EssenceNocturnal Nectar Facial Essence


Nocturnal Nectar Facial Essence

318 AED
Supreme Skin Face SerumSupreme Skin Face Serum


Supreme Skin Face Serum

341 AED
HA-ppy FaceHA-ppy Face

KJ Serums

HA-ppy Face

90 AED
Essential GlowEssential Glow

KJ Serums

Essential Glow

250 AED
Skin KarmaSkin Karma

KJ Serums

Skin Karma

152 AED
Age Repair Serum Peptide 8 and E2 PolysaccharideAge Repair Serum Peptide 8 and E2 Polysaccharide

Grown Alchemist

Age Repair Serum Peptide 8 and E2 Polysaccharide

455 AED

KJ Serums


215 AED
Rosehip Oil

KJ Serums

Rosehip Oil

132 AED
Camel Milk Face RescueCamel Milk Face Rescue
On sale

Natural Skin Rescue

Camel Milk Face Rescue

129 AED 165 AED

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Face Serums & Essences Products Online

Turn Myth Into Reality- Stop Ageing!

Looking at the mirror and secretly wishing for a youthful skin? As we grow older, our skin shouts out loud to the world about our age but thanks to face serums we can grow older yet look younger ironically! At Secret Skin we bring to you a product range of natural Face serums and essences in UAE and these are available online from the comfort of your home.

But first, what is a serum?

Face serums typically consist of an oil- or water-based treatment that delivers highly concentrated, targeted nutrients to address one or more skin problems. Serums should be used after cleansing but before moisturizing—although if you have oily skin, you can get away with using a serum as a stand-alone product.

Which serum is good for your skin?

For Oily Skin: To address acne, you need a serum that can penetrate congested pores and soothe inflamed skin. This face serum for acne uses jojoba, hemp seed, or grapeseed oil, three oils that are ideal for acne-prone skin, even when you have a breakout.

For Dry Skin: If your skin is dry, opt for a richer oil like rosehip, avocado, or sweet almond. This anti-aging face serum uses rosehip oil, one that can soothe inflammation, fight age spots, and stimulate collagen production.

For Normal Skin: Jojoba and sunflower seed oils work well for most skin types. They’ll hydrate without feeling heavy.

Why use a serum?

We give you a sneak peek of why face serums are beneficial for your skin.

• Absorbs quickly into your skin. Serums are lighter skin care formulations than moisturizers. The thinner viscosity allows the serum to be absorbed more easily into your skin. This makes a face serum an ideal first step in the layering process.
• Soothes sensitive skin. Serums, with their light preparations, are often better for individuals with acne-prone or oily skin types
• Improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Some face serums contain ingredients like retinol that may help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
• Protects your skin from free radicals and future damage. Serums with ingredients like Green tea, vitamin E, ferulic acid, green tea, resveratrol, and astaxanthin help prevent oxidative damage from ultraviolet (UV) light and pollution, which can lead to premature skin aging and wrinkles.
• Has the potential to provide more visible results. The higher concentration of active ingredients may provide more visible results, compared with other types of skin products.
• Feels light on your skin. Because they absorb quickly into your skin, a face serum doesn’t feel heavy or greasy.

We are often hesitant to use a lot of products on our face and believe in keeping it natural. At Secret Skin we ensure are face serums are kind to the skin and an amalgamation of all natural ingredients in them makes it worth the use. We have safely collaborated with Internationally acclaimed brands and you can pick your choice of face serums and essences online on our portal.